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The Panic Button provides “Everything worth laughing about on the internet, and more!”. I really agree with this quote. The Panic Button provides all sorts of comedy. The team which includes Sssaam, Cstarr, Sreimer, Pablo, and Jjacobb finds the best comics,   videos and creates their own ICHC (I Can Has Cheezburger) pictures. The team loves to reply to your comments, and is a great inspiration for your own blog making experience. Panic Button is very interactive which includes Caption Contests and fun things to do in your spare time (or while bored in school). I recommend this blog for RSS feeding. If you don’t know what RSS feeding is, click here –> When commenting, tell me if you give a thumbs up for this website. And you can also tell me your personal opinion and your past experiences with the Panic Button. I think that The Panic Button Blog is incredibly good. There is a whole list on what impact it has done right here –>

Well I hope you like my first discussion on my blog. Just so that you know, I won’t just be talking about kewl websites. There will be cool discussion such as…… The Japanese Whaling and a current affairs.